• cubo de luz

    The King of the Multicolored Sadness went out to the town fair to buy some precious buckets full of light. He was just a blip away from becoming Light itself, but felt how exhausting it was being incapable of carrying stuff. He thought he should've brought some friends with him, but realised everyone he knew was either a ghost (no arms), a bird ( no arms) or had arms that were too long to be purposeful.

    (Here is a gif showing the making of the drawing)

  • Carnecitas

    seasonal sale at the land of the meat geode
    temporal promotions in the territory of the flesh rock
    yearly clearance around the meat gem domain
    recurring bargains in the realm of the carnivore jewels

  • intersticios

    most of my life occurs in that space that exists between A and B

  • fragmentos en formato fofo

    (The adage told was a reminder of a shattered dream) 
    And on the path just a few stones remain: fragments in flabby format; a glowing mass that predicts the future, reflecting light.