What does flonflos mean?

    A flonflo is a wobbly bulgy thing.

    Where does the word come from?

    No idea. It’s probably a derivation of the word “fofo” which means flabby in Spanish. I made it up years ago, and it’s been part of my vocabulary since. I’ve used it plenty around friends and they’ve just accepted it as part of my history of making up words, without asking too much about it.

    (After some research my friend Zay mentions I used to say "I'm going to wear the flonflo skirt" which was a black ruffled skirt with neon dots, so I guess flonflos has something to do with ruffles).

    Why do you like slimes so much?

    Because they are very flonflos! (there very easy to draw)

    What’s this website?

    It’s a compilation of what I enjoy doing. Writing, drawing, playing music, arts and crafts and other random things you’d do at school when you are young and someone tells you to “go over there and do stuff, I’m busy now”.

    What else do you like, apart from flonflos?

    I like the sound of foghorns