• 4 virtues of stoicism, distorted


  • preemptive strike

    choose your own puddle

  • by the time i awoke

    code red at the feet of the warmonger

  • monthly conversation with myself

    “there are many layers here, unfolding” lectured The Poorly Made Turtle while fish spotting. He wasn’t sure if he was laying under or over, or in-between, but didn’t seem to be bothered by it.

    His slimy pal, mute, stood next to him with his best smirk on, solemnly standing straight, unable to gather what was happening.
    Up there -or maybe in-between- some fish exuding poisonous warmth looked down with unease just to realise the Vacuous Turtle was talking to himself, again.

  • first impressions (adelfa's version)

    the matriarch observes from above, whilst the submissive fish girl, absorbing crunchy debris, feels the lack of stoicism. out in his open window, the shameless duck joins them for a metaphysical fricassee. a bond, like a slimy bridge, is formed and socks are taken off. 

    on the wall a portrait takes shape by three different hair colours, from three siblings who no longer recognise each other.