• Flagella of drooling affection

    The Other-Way-Around Bearded Robot wanted a dog pet, 
    but found something better instead: 
    sparkly infinite glowing light cruising from his upside down to his new pet's sight

    Endless sweating flagella formed a stream of drooling affection following them everywhere they frolicked, and they were happy.

  • stalemate

    game time!

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  • giant watch

    Baffled and worried, the Fish Girl with Poisonous Feet receives a present from the Protective Brute with Vitiligo: a punching baby. 
    (A buffed infant. A young violent offspring).

    She doesn't want it, but no refunds are allowed.

    "Look at his hat!" Says the Brute, full of desire.
    A door resting on the surface of his fedora, waiting to be crossed; an opening and an invitation.

  • Rashomon Effect

    The many realities of the Rabbit's schizophrenic Flashback Rashomon: 

    1: being blessed by the Lord of the Slugs
    2: being scrutinised by the Demon Duck
    3: being poisoned by the Dreamy Ghosts of frenzy
    4: being followed by the God of Blinding Light

  • disposition / reflection

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