• the weight

    Unconscious squash that had collapsed over a depressed onion who is about to join a mass grave, whilst an alarmed bitten melon tries to find a way to be of use. On the other side, an old lady with weird face and a hen on her head waits

  • the cynical

    Thought protection against deceptive guardians


  • a liar and a thief

    Cosmic piñata and swallowing pyjamas

    El señor de las manitas

  • cartas, again

    World-person dressed as Kefka Palazzo wearing a tunic which portrays several things: pillars tied up with white string, bean inside a worm, egg + whisk, electromagnetic tortoise and mastaba.

    White Bean made of pure light with snail hat fishing ancient artifacts containing other versions of reality, being distracted by a moth with several eyes.

    Safe space for a holistic cleanse, for slimes to reproduce and also for stingrays to hang their most precious frames.

    Pink Frog in E minor being devoured by Blue Frog in E b Major being devoured by Pink Frog in G major being devoured by Blue Frog in C minor.

  • some more cards

    Dripping sorceress with a soothing aura

    Teenager squire with freckles exuding hope

    Cold cheek reaching for warm stone

    Whimsical creature in a onesie eating fruit, spending some time on a tree not doing much.