• noble camino óctuple

    the Holy Trinity awaits, up in its Holy Tribune, looking down on those who chose to commune with water. 
    they act as guardians, always aware of those below. assessing and alert. 

    down in the drooly bucket all is left to do is learn, teach and feel.

  • transmutación y la gallina

    The Few-armed Octopus churns bubbles near the hen’s hut, while the Extended Purple Critter with Vitiligo tries to catch them (or him) (or both).

    Out there, a Pestilent Flag of the Badlands shows the always present Onion, but this time slowly turning into a turnip, leaving both his shape and stench behind.
    Some blissful pests go up and down a plant, first symbol of life, although infected.

  • Grateful God of the Statistics

    Sensei Tanuki's marvelous fishing retreat