• crunchy debris

    crunchy debris at the resort

  • xacobeo cowboy

    proscribed pilgrim (mentally beckoning some form of sea creature)


  • the perils of the desert

    the perils of the desert are no longer an issue for the creatures resting inside their watchtowers, protected and appeased

    outside, an innocent monstrosity laughs, trying to balance beak and wings, bouncing from beacon to beacon to beacon.

  • pastel hell

    the Double Faced Lobster Creature with Moustache was terrified of thinking about his origins: 
    was he, too, a strange looking hand-flower with lush whiskers when he was in his larval state? 
    he didn’t want it to be true, despite the obvious similarities between them, 
    but he had no recollection at all about his memories regarding his previous phase.

    some nightmares are brighter than others.

  • leech house

    Wasted energy at the feet of the Cheerful Giant, having his brain devoured by a leech, as it usually happens.

    The unconquerable Giant, not losing an ounce of his sunny smile, waits until the little desert goblins finish playing with him.

    In the distance, up the hill and after graves and graves and graves of exhausted goblins that no longer are, someone waits for someone.