• lush bloom

    Surface and core are not exactly opposites, but kin. One lures the other and they both engage in this ordinary interrelation, difficult but well known by all that exists.

    On the surface ideas bloom, but one lonely king feels the need to dive into the nucleus. Is he going there because it is uncertain what he will find or does he know exactly where he is going?

    There’s also a home now, yet up in the heavens the language spoken by those who look down may not be as kind as one might need.

  • calendario 2023

    queridos miles de lectores, aquí tenéis el calendario flonflo del 2023

  • The dawning of the Voyage

    The Three Kings are starting their voyage, taking the whimsical snacks to the Baby King, assisted by their sherpas.

    Melchior doesn’t have any hands, so he can’t carry his exceptional Black Spiral. 
    Balthasar rides on top of a majestic thingy, protecting the Winged Serpentine
    Gaspar moves slowly with his defective feet so his duck carries a Golden Filament.

  • eclipse tauro-escorpio

    some were yearning for monoliths some had already found them

  • Daughter of the Mountain God of Molecules (redux)

    The Daughter of the God of the Mountain 
    was surrounded by leftovers 
    of what once were human beings, 
    yet she was left alone with her reveries. 

    It was a perfect combination 
    of an afternoon at the forest: 
    not too crowded and definitely not empty
        full of never-ending guests