• maladies


    The Underdeveloped Smooth Bulb wasn't aware of how maladies worked, but he wasn't interested in learning about them. What he wanted to know was how to reflect on others the light that shone upon him from the very distant Moon. Little would he know how related that would be to the so-called malaise affecting other developed Smooth Bulbs!


    Malaise surrounding a couple of Smooth Bulbs.


  • three seeds


    Three Headed Monkey was 2/3 ready to go back to his old routines, so he woke up, washed his faces and sat down at his computer where he started to reply to some e-mails. How would he know he would soon be 0/3 ready for work and 3/3 ready to go back to bed?


  • brief encounter with god

    Mushroom's brief encounter with God
    Light admiring an opaque sentient fungus